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  1. Does tag-based downloads work if the tag is japanese? Japanese appears as “?????” in the program since it is cmd-based.

    1. If you enable japanese input in cmd console, then it should works, if not you can create a text file and save it as tags.txt in the application folder and use option 7 to download from the tags list. See readme.txt.

      1. I tried using the tags.txt file first. I put in all the tags (Japanese) that I want in each line. To do that, I had to change the encoding of the txt file to Shift-JIS so it will appear right. In pixiv, this happened.

        I don’t know how to enable japanese input in cmd.exe. Do I have to use something else like the free program console? I don’t want to switch locale… I tried using applocale already, but it didn’t work.

      2. perfect!
        Is there a way to DL only pics with a certain amount of bookmarks as well as tags?

        1. There is option 3 (Download by Tags), you can specify the minimum bookmark count for filtering the result. Use 0 if you want all.

      3. But that’s only one tag, right? Can you add a feature to specify bookmark count for tag list search?

    1. Based on the error message, your connection to Pixiv server is timed-out.
      Can you check using your browser if you can open pixiv.net?
      Try to increase the timeout value or set usessl = True in config.ini.

      1. May the fact I had set “usessl = False” be the cause of an occasional error saying “not logged in!” that forced me to close the program and restart it? Now I’ve set the value on “True” and I’ll see if that happens again.

      2. Oh yes, I can still browse pixiv using my browser. I’ve tried those methods, they didn’t help. Increasing the timeout value made the connecting time longer, but it never succeeded.

        1. Can you set debughttp = True in config.ini and paste the result in pastebin?

          Either the server ignore the connection or your isp have some trouble with pixiv.

          Try to set proxyaddress and useproxy = True, see the details in readme.txt.

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