pixiv downloader 20120704

Change log:

  • Reload config before downloading tags to reset root directory value.
  • Fix export bookmark ordering to follow pixiv page.
    • The count in Pixiv is wrong. Somehow the number shown is more than the actual count. Mine is shown 665, but actually I only have 664 (14 page total, with the last one only contain 40 member). Each page only have maximum 48 member id listed.

Download link here, source code at Github.

9 thoughts on “pixiv downloader 20120704”

  1. for some reason i can’t log in, i mean, i can’t type my password after insert my acc then press Enter…

    Anyway to fix this?

    1. All ok in my side. If you mean in the console, when you enter the password, the character won’t be shown. You can try to enter the login info in config.ini

  2. Would you prefer feature requests here or in the github issue tracker?

    If possible I’d like to have control over the folder and file names for manga entries, and whether they are 0- or 1-indexed instead of starting with 0 by default.

    What do you think is the likelihood of this happening?

    1. You can put the request in GitHub and put the issue. Link here.

      Maybe I can introduce an separate option for manga file format, as for 0/1 index, I don’t really see the purpose 🙂

      1. Okay, I’ve entered the request as an issue on github here (https://github.com/Nandaka/PixivUtil2/issues/4). I’ve gone into a bit more detail about the request there. Thanks for looking into it.

        I appreciate why you’d question my reasoning for wanting to renumber the images. There are a few reasons:
        -pixiv stores the images as 0-indexed, but when they are presented to the user on the front end they are shown as starting as 1, so it’s reasonable to expect that someone would want to store them as presented.
        -some users include numbering on their images which more often matches up with the numbering shown on the pixiv front end.
        -on a personal note, I’ve been using Ank Pixiv Tool which numbers starting at 1, and I’d like to maintain consistency with that.

        Another thing Ank Pixiv Tool (https://github.com/anekos/Ank-Pixiv-Tool) does which has been useful is that, for each downloaded illustration, it saves a text file alongside it with a dump of all the values obtained by parsing the illustration page. I find it specifically for the comment given by the artist as it sometimes contains useful info related to the image, such as URLs to WIP versions of the image, related submissions, etc. It’s too much to expect your tool to do additional processing of these URLS, given their variety, but might you also be able to save this info in a similary way so it can be processed manually by the user later on?

  3. It keeps saying that my username and password is wrong, although I’ve been having problems logging in through IE (Only Works if I click “keep me signed in” for some reason) but firefox works just fine.

    1. Fixed the Problem. My computer time was wrong and it broke it for some reason.

      Also, Thanks for the program! It saves a lot of time.

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