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  1. Starting with version 20120526, where the bug that caused bookmarked users to be duplicated when exporting was fixed, I have an issue where the program now exports my user bookmarks out of order (as well as doing them out of order when I just use the download by bookmark option [#5] from the program). With 20120519, the users are still exported in the order they appear in on the website itself. In addition, the newer versions are exporting a list with one user fewer than the actual number I have, though I have too many to check which one it is.

      1. Yes, I meant the member bookmarks, as opposed to the image bookmarks. Basically, these are the latest 15 bookmarked users, with the correct order on the left (which is the order that 20120519 exports in, though two copies of each), and the order that newer versions export on the right. Basically, everything is scrambled and I can’t see any pattern to it. It goes on like this for the entire length of the lists.

        #1 -> #28
        #2 -> #48
        #3 -> #43
        #4 -> #24
        #5 -> #17
        #6 -> #27
        #7 -> #15
        #8 -> #39
        #9 -> #1
        #10 -> #33
        #11 -> #26
        #12 -> #3
        #13 -> #35
        #14 -> #47
        #15 -> #21

        When I added a new user and re-exported the list, it showed up as #9 on the new list instead of #1. The previous 9th entry was bumped down to #15. #1-8 and #11-14 stayed the same. Everything after the new #15 stayed the same except incremented by one, as one would expect when adding a new entry to the list.

        If I recall correctly, this issue showed up when I got to around 1800 bookmarks, and was working fine before then.

  2. Hello, nandaka. I’m very appreciate that you write such an excellent program for me and other users. It’s really convenient. But when I use this version I can download when I choosed ”member id”. It just showed ”Start Page(default=1):” and no continuing. Please help me and tell me how to solve it. Thanks a lot!

      1. sorry….I just want to say please ignore my stupid queston. OTL
        I have long time not visited your blog because wordpress is banished.

  3. I’ll try my best to give you all the information you need.

    – The CPU usage is around 0~5%; Memory 15000K~18000K; Intel Core i7 870 @ 2.93GHz
    – It took around 6~14 minutes to download 100~150 images (5 pages)
    – Downloading the picture itself doesn’t take that long… though, I just realized the program downloads the pictures “one by one”, not in bulk

    I don’t know if I’m just overreacting or anything but maybe its slow because its download the pictures one by one? and not downloading 5~6 pictures each time etc?

  4. Hello, I’m a newcomer here and I just can’t figure out how to use this program.

    The readme file didn’t clarify what to do and I saw your tutorial tab though its all in Indonesian so yeah…

    Is there any link for tutorial? or can you briefly tell me how I can use this?

    Thank you.

    1. basically, you only need to edit the config.ini using text editor (notepad), see the readme.txt for the details of each settings.
      then you just run the program and follow the menu.

      1. Thank you. I got the hang of it.

        Though it seems that when downloading in pages (e.g 5+ pages), the process is pretty slow…

        Is this normal?

        1. All ok in my system. Around 11-24% cpu usage in Intel Core2Duo P8700 and 20-15MB memory usage.
          Can you check the cpu/memory usage from task manager? Can you give more details?

  5. There’s an interesting error or sorts. Whenever I download by ID, the loader leaves massive amounts of images undownloaded for some reason. I presume this is something to do with the settings, but this has happened to me every time since about the last ten releases.

        1. Hi,

          After checking the error log:
          – HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
          This is because the file doesn’t exists in the pixiv server, usually because there is no big images version for the manga mode (currently the apps will try to download the big version first then try the normal size if failed, this is only for the manga mode and it is normal).
          – Error at processImage(): (, WindowsError(32, ‘Prosessi ei voi kayttaa tiedostoa, koska se on toisen prosessin kaytossa’)
          The file is being used by another process (google translate). Either you ran multiple instace of pixiv downloader from the same folder, or there are other processes locking the file/db.sqllite (usually from antivirus or some sync/backup application).
          – Error at processImage(): (, AttributeError(“‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘find'”,)
          Usually this because pixiv have changed the layout code, so the pixiv downloader cannot parse the page correctly. Please tell me by put a comment if this happen.
          – URLError:
          This is because the pixiv downloader cannot resolve the address to download the images, please try to restart the network connection or do ipconfig /flushdns to refresh the dns cache (windows).
          – Error at downloadImage(): (, timeout(‘timed out’,)
          This is because the pixiv downloaded didn’t receive any reply for specified time in config.ini from pixiv. Please retry the download again later.

          I think that it? Either that maybe the images is listed in db as already downloaded, that why the images will be skipped. Either you delete the image from DB Manager or just delete the db.sqllite to try to download again from pixiv.

      1. I did all recommended, but it still decided to skip number of images. Great number images actually. However, by re-downloading the newest version and giving it a complete clean slate to work with (new folder to download into, no previous images/ config files) it seems to download everything as intended. Perhaps the program gets confused because of changes in Pixiv, like name changes, image changes etc and at some point just skips great number of pages.

        1. Probably because of the db then, because the decision to skip is controlled by the db (if exist, then skip). Other than that, it might be caused of invalid file name/path too long, but this should show up in error log.

          Anyway, there is an option to clean up the db. Just go to Manage database (d), then select Clean Up Database (c). This will check if the file is exists based on recorded path in the db. If doesn’t exist, the record will be deleted from db.

      2. Thank you for your trouble, and for this program in general. I shall be more careful with db and all in the future.

  6. Ok been getting this errors

    2012-06-21 23:36:24,055 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – Downloaded file incomplete! 94208 of 317756 Bytes
    2012-06-21 23:36:24,056 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – Filename = C:pixpix左藤空気@三日目東カ38b (76712)27653031 – 夏コミ当選のお知らせ.jpg
    2012-06-21 23:36:24,058 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – URL = http://img08.pixiv.net/img/girls-splatter/27653031.jpg
    2012-06-21 23:36:24,062 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – Error at downloadImage(): (, timeout(‘timed out’,), )
    2012-06-21 23:36:39,071 – PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Creating directory: C:pixpix左藤空気@三日目東カ38b (76712)26889914_big
    2012-06-21 23:39:29,099 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – Downloaded file incomplete! 139264 of 929076 Bytes
    2012-06-21 23:39:29,101 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – Filename = C:pixpix左藤空気@三日目東カ38b (76712)26889914_big_p1 – 星の魔法少女 厄災の闇に沈む.jpg
    2012-06-21 23:39:29,102 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – URL = http://img08.pixiv.net/img/girls-splatter/26889914_big_p1.jpg
    2012-06-21 23:39:29,108 – PixivUtil20120616 – ERROR – Error at downloadImage(): (, timeout(‘timed out’,), )

    1. based on error message, it is caused by connection timed-out, you might want to increase the timeout in config.ini (in seconds) and retry the download.

  7. PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Starting…
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Only process member where day last updated >= 7
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – logging in with saved cookie
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Trying to log with saved cookie
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Logged in using cookie
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Member id mode.
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Processing Member Id: パン子
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Starting…
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Only process member where day last updated >= 7
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – logging in with saved cookie
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Trying to log with saved cookie
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Logged in using cookie
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Member id mode.
    PixivUtil20120616 – INFO – Processing Member Id: なお

    this is my log

      1. Oh wow, I’m so sorry to bother you like this. I should have study more carefully lol thank you so much nandaka!!! Thank you!!

  8. Hi nadaka, first of all, thank you so much for your great program. I really appreciate what you have created for me and other members. Thank you again. Anyhow, when i was trying to download the image by member id, it keeps show me error “None Type object has no attribute ‘ul’ ” What is this mean and how do i fix this problem ? please help me.

      1. It happens to all member_id. For example, i was trying to download パン子 this id’s images, but it keeps showing me the error sign i stated in above.

        1. weird, I checked with 74615 and it is run fine. It is from the menu #1, right? Can you upload the log file?

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