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  1. Hello!

    When I try tags.txt I get following error:

    Tags list filename [tags.txt]:
    Start Page (default=1):
    End Page (default=0, 0 for no limit):
    Reading: ./tags.txt
    Searching for: (初ζ˜₯飾利) %E5%88%9D%E6%98%A5%E9%A3%BE%E5%88%A9
    Using Wildcard (search.php)
    Looping… for http://www.pixiv.net/search.php?s_mode=s_tag&p=1&word=%E5%88%9D%E
    Error at processTags(): (, IndexError(‘list index
    out of range’,), )
    Error at processTagsList(): (, IndexError(‘list in
    dex out of range’,), )
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 1401, in main
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 1195, in menuDownloadFromTagsList
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 806, in processTagsList
    File “PixivUtil2.py”, line 754, in processTags
    File “PixivModel.pyc”, line 475, in parseTags
    IndexError: list index out of range
    press enter to exit.

    How can I help the error? Thank you for program!

  2. While I generally agree that downloading images should be serial, may be you could parallel downloading of pages? So it will speed up skipping through non-updated pages. Please?

  3. Is it possible to download images of a specific page range by member_id? For example, pages “15 to 41”. If I get it right – now the program allows you to download only from a specific page or all of them.

  4. Download by member_id
    start/end date please add πŸ™‚
    Download by tags start/end date It is unfair πŸ™

    1. I don’t quite understand your question. So you want me to add start/end date for download by member_id? I don’t think you can do it in pixiv.

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