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  1. Just tried using danbooru downloader today, but it’s not working. Did yande.re changed their code or something?

    1. It seems that yande.re is testing moebooru at the moment, that’s why it doesn’t work.

  2. When I try downloading from Gelbooru, I get “Unable to load tags.xml”
    Please help.

    1. I have a bug when edit using your form, I set the new limit default 1000, hard 10000, I save, click OK and getting error “Root element is missing” when I click on get button. I go to “DanbooruProviderList.xml” and the proble semms to be :
      before save :
      after save the form :

      The rest is the same expect the limit but that was excpected.

      1. 1. restore the original provider.xml
        2. open the restored xml using notepad.
        3. don’t set the hard limit over 1000, this setting is only for information for the program. Even though you set into 10k, the server only send up to 1k (usually), so this must follow the server settings.
        4. try again, start from smaller limit first.

  3. Okay, one question about “batch download” : why it doesn’t go to the next page ?

    That says :
    Downloaded : 19 Skipped: 1 Processed Total: 20 Total Available: 239
    Current Page 0 Current Page Total: 20 Offest 0
    ==> Done.

    if there si 239 images, why stopping after 20 ?
    Ok I can change the limit to 1000, but when I have more than 5000 images, I can’t use the batch function because it stop after the first page… it’s very annoying for a “batch downloader'”

    Sorry for my english, I am from belgium.

    1. Did you put a limit when adding the batch job? By default, if you didn’t put any limit, it will use the default limit, which is 20.

      1. No I don’t have a limit, but if I set limit to 1000 I will only avec the firt 1000 images, the program will not switch by itself to the next page. It will only download the images from the first page, I download images from Gelbooru. For Gelbooru the limit is 1000, if is set more he doesn’t respond to my request or send a blank page.

        I understant why this is stopping, but I dont understand why there is a limit… He can’t get all the images form a keyword simply ?

        For exemple :
        If use “pokemon” as a tag, I expect to have all the images with this tag, not only 20 or a “limit”.
        I’m pretty sure pokemon will give me more than 20.000 result, and I want it all.

        The problem is why it doen’t change page automaticaly ?
        When the first page is done, he have to process the next one, but he stop…
        The limit used seems to be the limit of result returned by Gelbooru.
        If I set 1000 it will download 1000 results and stop… It have to go to the next page and get the next 1000 result, he doesn’t.
        In the main tab the program load the next page when I reach the botom of result list, in batch I execept of the program to do it that by itself.

        Sorry for insistance, I hope my explanation was understandable.

        1. Can I get your screen shoot for the provider form and the add batch form? upload it to imgur.com

          You still need to supply a limit in the add batch job form, if not it will set to the default limit in the provider form. It is better to have small hard limit (e.g.:100) than big one for the provider one, because the list downloading may take some time and might be timed-out if the limit is too big. As for the default limit, it only will affect for the add batch job form. So if the limit you give in the add batch job form is more than the hard limit, it will break the request to multiple page (using the example, if you put 1000, it will break into 10 page request)

          There is no option to download all images for the batch job, the one you can do is to use big enough limit (e.g.:100000) before adding the job.

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