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  1. Hi! I love your program! I was wondering, is it possible to set it to only download images with a certain number of bookmarks/favorites? So instead of downloading every image on a tag, it would only download images with over 100 bookmarks, for example.

  2. I noticed this while download few images.(Above the red line)
    So when there’s some network problem or anything that cause it to download only partial of a image, it won’t detect that and restart download? Are there any error handling in Pixiv Downloader dealing with this issue?
    Something like after every single download(image/manga) finished , check the filesize to make sure they match the original size?

    1. currently there is no file size checking after the download complete, usually if there is network problem in windows, python will throw an exception (timeout/etc) so the download will be restarted. I will add additional check after the download finished then.

  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, but how exactly does tags.txt work? If I add two tags to tags.txt would it search for images containing these two tags or would it search for the first tag and then the second tag? How would I group tags together for searching within tags.txt? Normally, I would do this with Japanese localisation, but since I’m not using Japanese localisation for this machine, I have to resort to tags.txt to download.

    1. if you put the tags in one line, then it will search for images containing those tags.
      each line is treated as one separate search.

  4. Why when i want to login i always got wrong username or password?
    i tried direct and from config but both give me same reaction
    i also tried login in via Google chrome and mozilla, both are working
    and i don’t know how to login via cookie…

    thx in advance

    my pixiv util config is :
    proxyaddress =
    useproxy = False
    useragent = Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Unix i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008071615 Fedora/3.0.1-1.fc9 Firefox/3.0.1
    debughttp = False
    userobots = True
    filenameformat = %artist% (%member_id%)%image_id% – %title%
    timeout = 60
    uselist = False
    processfromdb = True
    overwrite = False
    tagsseparator = ,
    daylastupdated = 7
    rootdirectory = D:[DOWNLOAD]-BATCH DOWNLOAD-Pixiv Downloader
    retry = 3
    retrywait = 5
    createdownloadlists = False
    downloadlistdirectory = .
    irfanviewpath = C:Program FilesIrfanView
    startirfanview = False
    startirfanslide = False
    alwayscheckfilesize = False
    checkupdatedlimit = 0
    downloadavatar = True
    createmangadir = False
    usetagsasdir = False
    useblacklisttags = False
    usesuppresstags = False
    tagslimit = -1

    numberofpage = 0

    username = (my pixiv username)
    password = (my pixiv password)
    cookie =
    usessl = False

    1. Are you using any special character for the username/password? try to set usessl to True. Anyway it is working in my pc.

      For Chrome, you can get the cookie value by login to your pixiv, and right-click=>inspect element, select Resources tab => select Cookies => select http://www.pixiv.net, look for PHPSESSID entry and copy the value to the config.ini.

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