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  1. When doing a full batch job how do i set for unlimited on pages/images?

      1. Ok but i got this error

        DataGridView Default Error Dialog
        The following exception occurred in the DataGridView:

        System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Property accessor ‘ProviderListString’ on object ‘DanbooruDownloader3.Entity.DanbooruBatchJob’ threw the following exception:’Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ —> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

        at DanbooruDownloader3.Entity.DanbooruBatchJob.get_ProviderListString()

        — End of inner exception stack trace —

        at System.ComponentModel.ReflectPropertyDescriptor.GetValue(Object component)

        at System.Windows.Forms.DataGridView.DataGridViewDataConnection.GetValue(Int32 boundColumnIndex, Int32 columnIndex, Int32 rowIndex)

        To replace this default dialog please handle the DataError event.

      2. what happens when i try to do a full batch

        * link edited, better remove the hash from the screenshot *

        1. I have check the xml: You can only search up to page 1000.

          I think you mixed up the page with the number of page to download, that option is for the starting page.

  2. I’m getting this on danbooru.

    Download List
    Cannot load tags.xml

      1. I updated, but I’m getting the same error. Are you referring to a specific update?

        1. Nope, can you give the details, including the query search and the provider. Is it happen for every query/provider? Is it also happen in the previouse version? Probably it is caused by bad xml message (e.g: containing illegal character).

          I’m using Windows XP and Windows 7 (all 32-bit) and it working ok.

      2. I get the same error for all queries/providers. Error: The type initializer for ‘DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruPostDao’ threw an exception.
        Could it be because I’m using 64-bit Windows 7?

      3. I’m using WIN7 64-bit and I have no such error. Program runs @ 100% for me.

      4. [DoBatchJob] Downloading list: http://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/index.json?tags=order:id&limit=100&page=1087
        [DoBatchJob] Error: Cannot load tags.xml
        Stack Trace:
        at DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruTagsDao..ctor(String xmlTagFile)
        at DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruTagsDao.get_Instance()
        at DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruPostDao.ProcessJson(DanbooruPost& post, String& json, StreamReader reader, String& tmp)
        at DanbooruDownloader3.DAO.DanbooruPostDao.ReadJSON(Stream input)
        at DanbooruDownloader3.FormMain.DoBatchJob(BindingList`1 batchJob)
        Query: order:id

  3. i have a question….in batch download..why it skipped too many…if tag have 15000 result…it just download 7500 and skipped 7500…may be due connection ? …thanks for reply

    1. Which provider do you used and what is the query? Sometimes the result from danbooru API might have different count from the web search.

      1. is chan.sankaku

        and i dont know why oldest version danbooru downloader can easy download in danbooru….now with newest version. i can’t download in danbooru(503)…

        1. Danbooru 503 and this one, maybe you want to check the password and the password-salt in xml provider with text editor.

          Sankaku Complex doesn’t allow you to fetch the xml, only json. If you using JSON request, the total count is not given from the server, I can only try to fetch the next page until it return empty list or identical list, then stop. As for the different count, I don’t know. This program only parse the returned xml/json from the server and used that as the list.

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