Danbooru Downloader 20120122 (Updated)

Change log:

  • Add danbooru login information using the DanbooruProviderList.xml. See readme.txt for more details.
  • Fix preview image parsing if using relative path.
  • Fix Gelbooru hang (20120122).
  • Update DanbooruProviderList.xml to add board type (Danbooru/Gelbooru) (20120122).

Download link here here, source code on github.

EDIT:  Uploading is down, uploaded the mirror in mediafire and please donate 🙂 .

14 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader 20120122 (Updated)”

  1. can u give me some tutz how to use ur program for danbooru? because i’m stuck in 403: forbidden

  2. hello nandaka,
    can u upload ur program to another filehosting? because i cant accsess ur link…..

  3. Hey Nandaka,

    I noticed that you changed the Batch function to automatically substitute spaces, ” “, for underscores, “_”.

    I was hoping that you could reverse this, or make an option so that this doesn’t happen. The reason I’m asking for this is because we unable to search with multiple tags.

  4. Thanks for this. Loving this program since I stumbled across it a few months back. Appreciate the time you take making it!

    1. yes? you now can supply the login info in the DanbooruProviderList.xml. Please read the readme.txt and be more specific…

      1. My mistake, downloading from Danbooru works now, but I can’t get hidden posts anymore.

        1. As long it is not blacklisted in your profile, you should be able to see the hidden post (tested with loli as the search tags).

      2. It might be just my computer, but the downloader also crashes if I try to do anything with gelbooru.

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