18 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader 20120108 (Updated)”

  1. How can I modify max count?

    ex : Total count : 4000, but Count limit is 1000.
    I want to change “Count limit” = “Total count”

  2. Every time i try to use this for Gelbooru it crashes, any way to fix that problem?

    The same thing happened on the old builds.

      1. http://i.imgur.com/sBhnT.jpg

        I try to download all the images of any tag and then it instantly jumps to 100, and sits in ‘Not Responding’ mode where i cant really do anything with it, then this message pops up and doesnt exit

        1. From what I see, it is a connection problem. If you doesn’t give limit, gelbooru will return the last 100 images that matches. Can you try with the latest version?

      2. Okay I got it to work with gelbooru, just had to put a limit on it, still if i scroll to the bottom of the list it crashes, but if i just CTRL+A and add selected rows i can get them to the downloads tab

        using the new one btw

  3. Will you ever add Basic HTTP Auth to the sockets? Since Danbooru updated, you need to be logged in to receive XML/JSON Data, all i get is 403 Access Denied..

  4. Hey Nandaka,

    I’ve started getting (403) Forbidden errors since 1/16/2012 when trying to do a batch job via Danbooru. This is using your build:2010.09.17.
    Using your latest build (20120108), will simply search pages forever on the query and never download.

    Has Danbooru blocked this program from working, and will you be able to fix it?

    1. Okay, perhaps this is a false alarm…

      I went to:

      And it stated this:

      “1/15/12 9:50pm pst – We’re converting from JBOD to RAID6, downtime is expected to last until Weds.
      Another drive failed
      twitter status (eng only)”

      Does danboorudownloader gets images from oreno.imouto.org? If so, that would explain my problem..

  5. can you add %artist% / %character% / %copyright% as filename format? would be very useful, only %tags% it’s a bit useless considering lenght limit.

    1. it might be a little difficult because the post list xml/json doesn’t have tags type informations. We must download the tag type information and keep the local copy updated. If you have another idea, feel free to put in the comment.

  6. Hi,

    login to proxy is not workin “Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (407) Proxyauthentifizierung erforderlich.http://danbooru.donmai.us

    and in DanbooruProviderList.xml is an additional “/” for 3dbooru

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