10 thoughts on “pixiv downloader 20111126”

  1. Thx! I always use this program satisfactorily!

    and, The only request about ‘5 – Download from user bookmark.’

    Could you make a function ‘download from user (only) hidden bookmark’?

    Pitifully, I have 700 normal bookmarks and 600 hidden bookmarks.

    So, I need a lot of my time for download hidden bookmarks….!

  2. I think you might be missing an import statement in PixivHelper.py. The first time I ran PixivUtil2.py I got a traceback to that file saying “global name sys is not defined”. Adding “import sys” at the top of PixivHelper.py fixed the problem.

  3. Add max limit for Download New Illust from Bookmark to 100?100 Page number?Yesterday was my birthday,Thank you for selflessly sharing source(≧3≦)/ (≧ω≦)/ o(≧ω≦)o

    1. To 100 page number. Pixiv have a hard limit from the server for the new illustration from bookmark. If you put more than 100 for the page number, it only loop the last page forever.

  4. I think that I will stay on previous version. But thank you.

    I think I will not ask impolite questions about donations.

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