Pixiv Downloader 20110708


  • Add cookie option for log in, you can get the cookie value from Firefox ( just right click in the pixiv page, select View Page Info. Click Security tab, and click View Cookies. From the cookie list, select the one which have PHPSESSID. Just copy paste the Content to the cookie in the Authentication section in the config.ini) as requested by Demonoid.
  • Add __br__.clear_history() in the processList

Download link here, source code here. Donation link there ==>

I have tried the github, but they need paid account to create a repository. So I tried the bettercodes.org, here the git repo address: https://git.bettercodes.org/pixiv-downloader/ (you need to have bettercodes.org account). Anyway, I’m still new using git :), so please be patient with me.

15 thoughts on “Pixiv Downloader 20110708”

  1. Is there a way to put more than one artist ID to the wait list, with punctuation marks or such?

  2. Since you’ve added cookie support, how about an option that allows you to parse private and public bookmarked users to generate a list?

    1. sure, as long you can give me the code :). The cookie feature code actually is given by demonoid. I’m just integrating it in my app.

  3. Downloaded a set of 23 images of certain tag by using your new release for a test. Tried again and it still uses network method; “Start downloading… File exist!”
    Doesn’t seem to work for me?

    1. It should not trying to download the images that have been downloaded, and if there is any file with identical filename, it will try to check the modified date and try to get the latest version (I’m forgot what is the exact checking method), anyway it is better to save it using different filename.

      1. ”It should not trying to download the images that have been downloaded”,
        By checking from offline db which is generated when? Or from a folder using online method which is slow as hell?

        I like to download thousands of images by certain tags, using member_id – image_id, and only way to keep them in order is to label/rate them using adobe bridge. Labeling is for the images I don’t fancy, as if I delete them, the util will download them again.?

        1. It should be checked from the offline db, when you download an images, the info will be saved to the db. Before downloading the image, it should checking the db if the images have been downloaded or not, except the overwrite flag is enabled or use db is disabled.

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