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  1. maaf gan…
    saya masih kurang mengerti cara masukin banyak member id supaya bisa 1x list download
    yg saya tangkap dari notesnya
    -s 1 *user ID 1* *user ID 2*
    tapi tetep g jalan
    saya masih membutuhkan contoh
    saya juga bingung setelah menulis list.txt itu gimana caranya ngimpor ke pixivUtil2 nya…
    terima kasih

    1. 1. Create a text file, saved as list.txt to the PixivUtil2.exe’s folder.
      2. Fill it with the member’s id, separated by new line.
      3. Edit config.ini file, set the value for:
      – rootdirectory = << this will save to the PixivUtil2.exe's folder, you can give complete path to your own folder, e.g: c:pixiv
      – uselist = True << set True to read from list.txt
      – processfromdb = True << set True so the file's info will be recorded to db.
      – downloadlistdirectory = << set to nothing, if your list.txt is in the pixivutils2's folder.

      that's it

  2. maybe “Update Mode” is needed,because pixiv doesn’t add image before existing ones and checking all images takes long while useing list download mode.
    By the way,is there any plan to download head and background now used in the future?

    1. by update mode, you mean by checking the previously downloaded image in the database?

      for downloading head(the avatar?)/background, I haven’t planning anything yet.

  3. could it be possible to generate the download list from “Favorite users” list in our pixiv accounts?

  4. Happy new year
    i want export list then downloads,
    not downloads first.
    how can i do that

    1. I assume you already have the list from the database? If yes, then go to the Database Management (press 5) and select export list (press 3)

  5. I cant’ seem to get downloading by tag to work? I go to pixiv, see the ηΈžγƒ‹γƒΌγ‚½ tag for instance, input that tag to the pixiv downloader after selecting tags, and get no images found? 😐

  6. hi!
    sorry but im really not good in these programming stuff and im confused with the config.ini.
    Is there anyway to skip downloading images that are already in the folder?

  7. Mind uploading these (or at least the source) to rapidshare or mediafire? I can’t seem to connect to uploading these past few hours.

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