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  1. Another suggestion:

    Could you make this program have the possibility to minimize to the system tray? This option would also be fantastic for the PixivDownloader as well. I like to download in bulk, so having it off my taskbar would be great.

  2. Hey nandaka,

    It’s great that you’re updating so quickly! Well, I’m back after having tested your new patch. Here are some new bugs and suggestions:


    When I’ve completed my downloads in my “Download List”, the “Download” button will become frozen/grayed out. Will not work until re-opened another client. Also, when I press “Pause” when the “Download” button is frozen, all input areas in the “Main” section will become frozen as well.

    When I have already pressed “Download” in the “Download List” section, and then add more files from the Main list > Download List, the Download button is grayed out and not-pressable. I must quit and reload the client in order for it to work again.

    Essentially, the “Download” button can only be pressed once.

    Only time in which the download button will work again is if I’ve pressed “Download”, then I pressed pause while there is a download in progress, the client will tell me that the downloads have paused, in which I can press “OK” or “Cancel”. If I press “OK” downloads will resume and “Cancel” will cancel downloads and then restore the “Download” button again.

    When the save path is too long (I think this is the cause, since I’ve tried this with short paths, and the program works fine), the files will be saved in a folder up-one-level from the location in which I’ve specified, and it will also name all the files the same name in which it depends on your last folder’s save destination’s name. With all files being the same name, essentially only one file of a different extension will be downloaded. This is kinda confusing, but if you keep reading and just try my demonstration described below, it will become clear to you.

    Here is an example in which I’ve tried to replicate my situation, you can do it on your computer too, just create a bunch of folders and save files to that path:

    D:New FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew FolderNew Folder1234567890

    If you go to the last save path, no files will be there, but they will be in a folder up-one-level. The file names are also changed as well. I believe they are constantly changing as well depending on how long your save path is. If you tried my exact same destination as described above, then you should get only 4 characters (excluding .extension, in my case, 1234.jpg/1234.png/1234.gif)


    Having the “Save” location saved in our settings would be quite nice I believe. Most people probably just have a certain spot in which they would store their files. Also, having the “Limit” section be saved would be great too. I think people would generally be using the same limit they always search with.

    Give the option to select certain files in the “Download List”, and remove them in case we have accidentally added the files to the list. If Shift+click works, that would be best since some of us probably add files in bulk, and would like to remove in bulk in a fast way. A select all feature in this case would be useless since there is a clear list

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