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  1. Hi nandaka:
    Pixiv just changed their page layout.
    In linux I use your python source code to download pixiv images, and just changed a few lines.
    By the way, I don’t like the “PixivConstant.py” method…
    title = parseMediumImage.findAll(‘h3’)[0].contents[0]
    artist = parseMediumImage.findAll(‘span’, {‘class’:’f18b’})[0].contents[0]

    I also noticed that some times pixiv’s server return errors like:
    エラーが発生しました——–>Error occurred
    I added a while loop and if condition to loop the download until there’s no error.
    Are you going to implement such function in future release? Thanks.

      1. I changed several lines to meet my needs. This is how I use it in linux:
        ./PixivUtil2.py [number of image’s id to start with] [number of images want to download]
        ./PixivUtil2.py 600000 200

        The ‘error retry’ is in the “def processImage”
        Link: http://ifile.it/5bfer9h
        #sorry for my poor coding 😉

      2. And, I’m using Python 2.5.2, so I have to modify a little bit to get it running. Like the print format function which is not available in 2.5.2.

  2. Oh my.. Apparently Pixiv just changed their site layout. I think it broke the downloader.

    2010-07-20 04:06:35,530 – PixivUtil20100714 – INFO – Processing Member Id: edit
    2010-07-20 04:06:36,628 – PixivUtil20100714 – ERROR – Error at processMember(): (, AttributeError(“‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘find'”,), )
    2010-07-20 04:06:36,628 – PixivUtil20100714 – ERROR – Error at processList(): (, AttributeError(“‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘find'”,), )
    2010-07-20 04:06:55,947 – PixivUtil20100714 – INFO – EXIT

    The new layout is nice, though.

  3. Well it seems it transcoded the signs again, so I try it again. xD
    It shows in my direcory (_'ω')ブレエド (72357) but it should be (_'ω')ブレエド (72357).
    I hope it worked this time. ^^

    1. >> about artist/member name
      someone told me that it is better to use the member token, because it is fixed (the path before image_id in the url). About the encoding, it is handled by python, apparently python 2.6 doesn’t handle string in Unicode natively.

      >> about source code
      will do

      1. Thanks but I do want the artist name even if it’s changing sometimes.

        Perhaps I will do the replacement myself in sourcecode. If I do so, I will let you know. 😉

  4. Hi there.
    I’ve spotted some mistake when downloading from pixiv.
    When the artist name contains special characters used for html it will use it in the folder name too. In my case it was “(_'ω')ブレエド (72357)” instead of “(_’ω’)ブレエド (72357)”. It should be quite easy to replace these html-coded signs. (There is originally a “*” in the artist name, but I accept Windows won’t handle it. ;P)

    Another thing I recognized was an artist changing it’s name. But I’ve got no idea at all how to handle it instead of changing the folder name to something without %artist%.

    Greatings by a fan of your work. ;D
    (Could you upload the latest source of your pixiv Downloader, please? ^^)

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