Danbooru Slideshow Windows Gadget

UPDATED in here.

Tried to make windows sidebar gadget, and this is the result 🙂


  • Pure html/css/javascript :).
  • Only support XML (if someone know how to do cross domain JSON for *booru, please tell me, they don’t support jsonp).
  • Clickable image, hover for tags.

  • Customizable provider (the danbooru url) and query (usually /post/index.xml?your-search-query-here).
  • Adjustable slide show interval and list update.

Get it here. As usual, use at your own risk, still need to learn more stuff 🙂

One thought on “Danbooru Slideshow Windows Gadget”

  1. I have some notes for your *booru slideshow gadged. ^^
    You can specify the url by adding some tags. (I know it from danbooru ajax script for greasemonkey (see userscripts.org))


    &tags= specify tags
    &page= number of page that should be shown
    &limit= number of images per page

    The following 2 options are only useful if you want to search for more than one tag:
    &login= Username if you keep an account
    &passhash= hash-value for your account – you can read it from cookie from the specific site with the name pass_hash

    By the way, if you write “http://*booru.domain/post/index.xml?page=xxx&limit=xxx&login=xxx&password_hash=xxx&tags=” in the Provider field, you only have to fill in the tags in the “Search Query” field.

    Hope it will help you. 😉

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