Danbooru Downloader Update

Got free time, have nothing to do and bored, result:

  • Updated my apps for batch downloading from *booru compatible image board, now supporting XML for defining the *booru site, I’m separating the list from my apps, so you can add your own list of *booru board.
  • Supporting XML or JSON for image list retrieval.
  • Saving the retrieved list.
  • Using WebClient class for downloading and use the Asynchronous method for download = more responsive UI and I don’t need to handle the lower things 🙂
  • Needs .NET 4
  • Screen shoot:

Main tab:

  1. Provider: The *booru image board list, loaded from DanbooruProviderList.xml.
  2. JSON/XML radio button: some site won’t allow you to listing the XML, so use JSON.
  3. Generated: generate the query using provided text boxes or you can enter manually.
  4. Tag, Limit, Source, Page, Order by, and Rating: basically the query for searching.
  5. Get button: get the list!
  6. List File: Load saved list.
  7. Save: Save folder.
  8. List button: Show the list contents.
  9. Clear list: Clear the list.
  10. Download/Pause: Download selected images. For pausing, it will wait until the last download finished.
  11. Save Query: Save the query to file, or just show it.
  12. Auto Load List: Automatically load the list content (ignored if Save query is not checked).
  13. Append List: Append the list
  14. Load Preview: Load the preview images.
  15. Auto Load Next Page: Load the next available page (wait for 500ms), will append the list .

Settings tab:

  1. Proxy Address, Proxy Port, and Use Proxy: proxy configuration.
  2. User agent: User agent setting.
  3. Filename format: format of the file for saving.
  4. Filename Length Limit: Windows have limit for the filename, so this is used for controlling the cut.
  5. Overwrite File.
  6. Save button: saving the config.

DanbooruProviderList.xml format:

  1. Name: Image board name.
  2. URL: Image board complete url
  3. Query String JSON: usually /post/index.json?, %_query% will be replaced with actual query from the apps
  4. Query String XML:usually /post/index.xml?, %_query% will be replaced with actual query from the apps
  5. Preferred: Xml or Json, some site usually only allow Json
  6. Default limit: ignored for now…

Get it in here, and as usual, use at your own risk 🙂

4 thoughts on “Danbooru Downloader Update”

  1. Hi!
    Your program is amazing and very easy to use.
    I don’t mean to be rude, but I’d like to suggest a couple of addtions:
    – a select all button to select all images from the list
    – a %search% tag, so that a person may organize their downloads based on the tag they are searching on danbooru.

    Thank you for everything!

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