UPDATED: Pixiv Batch Downloader v.20100205

UPDATE: use this. Please check my recent post for latest updates and click the donate button XD.

I have updated my Pixiv Batch downloader. Here is the link. use this one :P, a little bit fix so use this orz.


  • Batch download all images based on member_id.
  • Limit number of pages for batch download using config.ini.
  • Batch download from a list of member_id using list.txt.
  • Automatic filename and folder creation based on member_id, artist name, image_id, and image title using config.ini.
  • Automatic login using config.ini.
  • HTTP proxy support.


  • Update the config.ini format to more sensible format (Move some item to new section)
  • Fix Unicode exception decoding for displaying the artist/image title, currently I choose not to display it if cannot be decoded. The filename and folder name is not affected.
  • Add options to check robots.txt.
  • Now show the currently downloaded file size.


  • There is limitation in Windows console to display Unicode character (no true unicode support). In this case, the artist name or the image title won’t be displayed on the console. The filename and folder is not affected, it will use the information parsed from the page.
  • Need to change the regional setting for non-unicode program to Japanese.

Config.ini format:

username = Your user name.
password = Your password, not encrypted.

number_of_page = how many page do you want to parse, use 0 if you want to get all pages
form_order =Β keep it 1, this one is for defining the form order

filename_format = use %artist% for artist name, %member_id% for the member id, %image_id% for image id, andΒ %title% for image title. Use ” to define folder.
useproxy = If you want to use proxy
proxyaddress = Proxy address, format is hostname:port or ip_address:port
debug_http = Keep it False, except you want to see all the http header.
use_robots = If you want to follow the robots.txt rules keep it True.
useragent = Your browser user agent.

List.txt format: Just create a text file and put the member_id number separated by new line. Put # for comment it out, it won’t be processed by the program.

UPDATE: use the 20100203 version πŸ˜› use 20100205! fix manga mode download….

UPDATE 2: someone asked me for the source code, so here it is.

34 thoughts on “UPDATED: Pixiv Batch Downloader v.20100205”

    1. you can set the directory/folder in config.ini, check the downloadlistdirectory line. Default is in the same folder with the executable.

  1. Ok, noob question:
    How do I get the list to work?
    I’ve got a List.txt file in the root folder.
    The id’s are set like so-

    I’ve changed the config setting “uselist=” to True.

    So what am I missing?

  2. Hello there, thanks you sooo much for this script, unfortunately they changed the interface and the script isn’t working anymore πŸ™ anyway you could update, i would be very grateful πŸ™‚


  3. It looks like they updated the interface on Pixiv, and I think it is screwing with the most recend script. sad face.

    I’m getting an error

    listing page #1
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “pixivUtil.py”, line 403, in
    File “pixivUtil.py”, line 271, in downloadAllImages
    AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘findAll’

  4. Sorry, I don’t see any error code. The cmd box just shut down as soon as I’m logged …

  5. Thanks for the hard work ! Very useful !
    Just one thing I can’t find … where’s the download directory ? ^^; I can’t find it and I don’t have a “filename_format” line in the config.ini file where I can enter a new directory.
    Thanks a lot !

    1. which version do you use? There should be a section called [Settings] in config.ini and an entry for filename_format.

      1. Thank you for your quick answer.
        I use the 2010/01/22 version, because the 2010/02/05 doesn’t work for me (I use Windows XP and the window close as soon as I’m logged).
        So I don’t have the entry for filename_format in the config.ini.
        I tried to add it but I’m not a programmer, so it doesn’t work much ^^;
        Sorry to bother !

  6. Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. So much faster than downloading them all manually in the browser. Thanks so much!

    Is there a way to set the download directory to be outside of the program’s directory? It’s not a big deal, but I’d prefer it, for the sake of being a little bit cleaner.

    1. try to set the filename_format in config.ini to point your chosen folder, ex: c:some_folder%artist% (%member_id%)%image_id% – %title%.

  7. Nice tool.
    Thanks for your hard work.

    I have some idea, not sure if it’s possible to implement. Any way here are they.

    If possible, please update the ankpixiv.sqlite database for downloaded files such that downloads will not be repeated. The reason to use its db is I think it’s better to keep just one db.

    Also, add a post score function to score the illustrations downloaded, treat this as a minimal manner to thank the artist.

    1. ankpixiv is not my project, so I don’t know about the db schema… For post score function, I’m afraid I can’t do that. Automated score increase can be misused.

  8. Could you change it so one can download by tags instead?

    Would be great if you could download all pics that have certain tags…

  9. Hello:
    I’m under W7 and have this error

    Start login DONE!
    Start processing list from: list.txt
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “pixivUtil.py”, line 391, in
    File “pixivUtil.py”, line 339, in processList
    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘xefxbbxbf728664’

    My file list.txt contain only 1 id for now

      1. Seems it was the problem i use NotePad++ As UTF-8 default so i convert my files in ANSI format and it’s working

        Thank you for your support and for this soft (easier than the firefox pixiv plugin πŸ˜‰ )

  10. Seems to be working perfectly now! Thanks for putting so much effort into this. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi. Thank you for a nice program.
    I have a question. What will happen if internet connection is lost? Will it resume downloading from last pic or I’ll have to redownload all pictures?

    PS Program seems to work fine even without setting regional setting to Japanese.

    1. If you set the overwrite flag in the config.ini to False, then it will check the pages from start but it won’t redownload the pictures.

    1. I do seem to be having an error now, though. Whenever it tries to download anything, it has an error of “(, TypeError(‘expected a character buffer object’,) )”. I’m using Windows XP and with the correct JP region settings.

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