Upgrading Notebook Memory

Today, I go to Sim Lim Square to buy notebook memory. My current notebook (Asus W3H00A) only have 512MB installed (and only run in PC-3200…), so I checked the price in this site (good site for comparing hardware price in singapore and make your searching easier).

After getting the best price for memory (I choose Kingston SODIMM DDR2 PC5300 1GB) only for Sing.$16 (about120.000rupiah), I go to the shop immediatly and buy it!

Then I go install it. Unexpected by me (yes, I never open the memory compartement in my notebook before…), the default memory installed is no in here or it may be soldered on the notebook board it self! So my new memory must run in the slower speed (PC5300->PC32000). Well, at least it working, I’ve tested it with Memtest, and it show no error.

And it does make my notebook go smoother, no more slow paging from the main memory to hdd when loading programs. That’s only for Sing.$16!