Mecha Musume: Mig 60 Photo By Request!

Xenoaisam is requesting for photo one of my favorite Mecha Musume from multiple side, so here are they!

This is Soviet Mig60 airplane from gashapon Mecha Musume Vol.2

He want to make 3D model from it, because I dont know from which angle is needed, so I just shoot from many side. Try to visit his site too, he has 3D model from other Mecha Musume!

2 thoughts on “Mecha Musume: Mig 60 Photo By Request!”

  1. well I don’t really know about her weapon, maybe a variation from AK-47. You can see her weapon on her left waist. It has upward-fold buttstock tough.

  2. good~ good~ err.. u suggest me to do this Soviet Mig60 model?
    what her main weapon? maybe if i can code a bit her weapon in ut2004 later~
    much easier the flying code already exist~ so she will be flyable in game 🙂

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