Danbooru Downloader 20100814


  • 20100814: fix filename cutting.
  • 20100814: add %searchtag% as requested by kasake.
  • 20100814b: fix %searchtag% filename.
  • 20100814c: fix source textbox, mentioned by Watanuki.

Updated one here, no here, no here!.


  • Fix download list saving if image thumbnail is present.
  • Fix download list queue if query list is empty.

Any good *booru website to be added?

Download it in here.

Danbooru Downloader 20100805



  • Add option to minimize to system tray.
  • Save last downloaded folder if you click save in the option tab.
  • Add button to save/load download list.
  • Fix download button state as reported by kasake.
  • Add option to delete selected row from download list.
  • Lower the limit for filename to 200 (Windows only support up to 248 character for path and total of 260 character for filename+path).

Download link here, and donate button on the left :p

Danbooru Downloader 20100801

UPDATED: here.

  • Add download list tab as requested by kasake.
  • Fix width/height parsing that prevent the list to be processed as reported by kasake.
  • Reset the page counter if the tags is changed.
  • Fix filename format for %md5%% to %md5%.
  • Add download status in the grid.

Download link here.

Danbooru Downloader 20100722

UPDATE: see here.

Updated, small bugfixing and,

Update the DanbooruProviderList.xml as suggested by max and trick.

  • moe.imouto.org
  • gelbooru.com, different api
  • nekobooru.net
  • safebooru.org, different api
  • hijiribe.donmai.us
  • sonohara.donmai.us
  • ichijou.org

Please note that gelbooru and safebooru use different api from standard danbooru, and I don’t know if they provide json api (in the documentation only have xml).

Download link here.

Danbooru Downloader Update

Got free time, have nothing to do and bored, result:

  • Updated my apps for batch downloading from *booru compatible image board, now supporting XML for defining the *booru site, I’m separating the list from my apps, so you can add your own list of *booru board.
  • Supporting XML or JSON for image list retrieval.
  • Saving the retrieved list.
  • Using WebClient class for downloading and use the Asynchronous method for download = more responsive UI and I don’t need to handle the lower things 🙂
  • Needs .NET 4
  • Screen shoot:

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